Repair, maintain, and customize your vehicle with quality, certified, and guaranteed equipment, ensuring that your vehicle always meets your expectations.

N’joy Shop & N’joy Genius Car: Your Trusted Automotive Partner.

Trust N’joy Shop, founded by Christian Internicola over 20 years ago, for the repair, maintenance, and customization of your vehicle with certified and guaranteed quality equipment.

Specializing in Volkswagen Group brands, including Audi, VW, Porsche, Bentley, Skoda, Seat, and Cupra, N’joy Shop offers products sourced from an official circuit, carefully inspected, certified, and cleaned before being offered for sale.

In collaboration with N’joy Shop, N’joy Genius Car is renowned for its expertise and exceptional know-how in the automotive field. The company is dedicated to ensuring identical execution to the original during each intervention.

Our commitments:

Certified Quality

All our products come from an official circuit, inspected, and certified to ensure optimal quality.

Volkswagen Expertise

Specialized in Volkswagen Group brands, we master every detail to guarantee quality interventions.

2-Year Warranty

Choosing N’Joy Genius Car automatically provides you with a minimum 2-year warranty on all purchased products, starting from the delivery date.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our absolute priority. We maintain a high, if not exceptional, rate of satisfied customers.

Whether you’re looking for accessories, equipment, or services related to your vehicle, N’Joy Shop and N’Joy Genius Car put their expertise at your disposal to ensure that your vehicle meets your requirements.
Thus, your car can become a reflection of your personality.
Don’t wait any longer; entrust your vehicle to passionate professionals at N’Joy Shop & N’Joy Genius Car.

Original, certified, refurbished parts

Our parts are official and recognized by VW garages.

All our parts come with a 2-year warranty


Installation & Training

With 20 years’ experience, N’JOY Shop, led by expert Christian Internicola, a true benchmark in the field of automotive equipment installation, offers you professional intervention services and personalised training. Our expertise covers a wide range of equipment for the VW group, both new and used, all of which come with a warranty. Our passion for cars transcends borders, making us sought after in Switzerland and internationally. Discover how we can transform your automotive experience with N’JOY Shop.

Maintenance and Support Service

With our installation and repair workshop near Nyon, as well as our video remote support services, we offer comprehensive maintenance to ensure your vehicle’s optimum performance. Our expert technicians offer you personalised support, always ready to respond to your needs or solve any problem. With N’JOY Shop, every mile becomes a pure pleasure.

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